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Tips for a better You (or Effective Page Status Updates)

Don’t focus on fancy apps; focus on creative status updates. The newsfeed is the goldmine. Only 10% of fan interactions happen on the actual page Wall, while a whopping 90% occur in the newsfeed. What makes an effective status update? Here are some essential elements:

  • Keep updates short & sweet. Ideally no more than two sentences or people won’t read it or it can be truncated. Most are on the go reading this on a mobile device so time is essential
  • Ask for action. Pose a question or suggest viewers click “Like”. It also helps to put the question at the beginning of your status update, not at the end
  • Limit your posts to no more than two status updates per day
  • Track what times of the day your fans are most active through your page insights (facebook.com/insights – available to page admins) and target your updates then, keeping in mind that 10-20% of fan comments are posted from mobile devices.
  •  Don’t shirk the weekends. Competition for fan attention drops on weekends. Take advantage of other brands’ five-day schedule by updating your status on the weekends. Weekend posts on Facebook will give bigger returns than weekdays. Using a scheduler like Hootsuite can enable you to participate even when you are not in the office.
  • Facebook and its members love rich media. Think hard about ways to incorporate photos and videos into your newsfeed.  One of the simplest ways to do this is paste a url to a website of interest, then remove that url as the information is populated – giving a clean and linked post.
  • Be your own producer. Broadcast quality video tools are now easy to use and inexpensive. Learn the pocket video camera, take an iMovie class, pick up a decent microphone. You can capture, edit and publish video in minutes with even posting video from a smart phone to the page through the Facebook mobile app.
  • Don’t be afraid of a little controversy. Ask polarizing questions – it provokes interaction.
  • Be human! People come to Facebook to interact, not buy product or donate, but contribute and be part of the community. Save donation drives for posted events or the phone.
  • Answer questioning comments and Wall posts. You need to show your alumni community you are listening and that you care. Providing prompt, helpful responses – in public – is a sure-fire way to underscore your commitment to your community.
  • Learn and regurgitate! Identify the topics and types of media that your fans engage with most, and return to those themes regularly.
  • Remember that people like people more than people like logos. Post photos with your status update. This will also allow you to have them show up in your top five photos on your wall.