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History is what you make it, or in this case record.

Timeline – Facebook’s new way of showcasing yourself to others in your profile – will be launching officially on December 27th. Of course you can get it early or learn about it at http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline beforehand.

So with the release of timeline, I found myself not in the group that the media seems concerned about. “Your past is only a click away. What you thought were hidden embarrassments are back!” yada yada. Really? Well since I have always seen Facebook as unfoolproof when it comes to privacy I have never put (OK maybe one or two) up images or allowed tags of myself in a compromising position. To be in that position in the first place, let alone having a photo taken is something that should not happen anyway.

Most of the writers and media folks bringing up this “the end is near” scenario are either scolding themselves for having such a sorrid past documented on Facebook or have never been on Facebook, or (the more than likely bet) just ^Cing ^Ving the same story that every one else is rewritting.

Where did good journalism go anyway?

Those who are younger than my X gen peers and have embraced it while are in a good place to actually create something unique. No, Facebook won’t ever replace a unique 19th century hand written diary, nor should it, but I find it still a refreshing thing that the openness of platforms such as Facebook will detail your life more than any diary could.

Day to day, your thoughts, images and deeds will be recorded for the future – for sociologists and descendants alike. That is if you have filled out your timeline. For me, I have found it a bit of a challenge to enter the info that spans the 40 or so years before I signed up. Of course the flip side of that is that I can of course choose from my old physical photos what moments I want to record for the future.

Kinda like my own version of history. Now about that incident involving the monkey, the seapig and a pack of smokes…

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