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Rewarding your Fans (of the Week)

I recently read about a new Facebook app that allows you to automatically post a fan of the week based on the interaction of fans on your Facebook page.

To me it causes two concerns. Is the fan of the week the one who makes the most likes, comments, wall posts? Or is it one who gives the most value – ie one who provides a lot of comments and generates more interest in your Facebook page. I would tend to say the latter.

What this app claims is “Every week one fan out of those who interacted with your page is picked as fan of the week, encouraging everyone to participate more.” I would like to think this is so, but in the end it more than likely will be showcasing only the few who choose to post on your page time and time again. The real challenge is more than an automatic tool can solve. The real challenge is engagement and I just don’t see it here.

I have tried it on the Halifax Adobe User Group page which I co-manage, so will see how it will pan out. Just so I can say that I actually have employed the app before giving it a 100% blow off.