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What CMS will be in my Stocking this Year?

This is my first foray into using Word Press. I must say I am quite impressed so far. What problems I did have were due to my hosting with Blacksun.ca being on an older server package – and they were able to help me figure out it was mostly a permissions issue. A helpful and responsive host provider is essential to any CMS setup.

In the past I have had experience dabbling, though not installing or implementing, Drupal. I also dealt with numerous custom CMSs, some of which I helped design and architect. Those days there was not an open source solution like one can see today.  I noticed a recent post on the Dreamweaver page on Facebook asking about what CMS one should use. Here is what I posted:

Depending on your costs, try hooking in a flickr account. If it is to showcase product, you could try contribute. Any CMS should allow for content editing – copy and imaging. The solution however is based on what your client’s budget is. I usually go with Contribute to offload the CMS cost on the client in the SME category. Otherwise drupal or another open source CMS work well, but cost for implementation.

So yes, open source is great, but that does not mean free. Make sure you bugdet not only for implementation (server side and design template hook ups), but for proper testing and the usual changes that come with any proper development cycle.

Above this, you want to choose a CMS that works easy for you. That means, easy set up (the first time is always going to be a bit dodgy), easy integration of plugins (such as the Addthis social liking tools on this blog), easy asset handling, short urls or custom urls – no long crazy CMS 56467%$/html junk, and of course something that anyone with no more knowledge than how to save images from email and write in word is able to use the CMS.