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Targeting the Growing Senior Demographic

Older demographic is growing more than other demographics in Canada and the United States. Those over 50 are also the fastest growing demographic with respect to social media, though this would be reflective more from the opportunity to ramp up the participation of this group and the plateauing of younger demographics, rather than any new exciting trend. The real story here is that one of the largest and most unique demographic populations are now adopting social media and can be reached through your efforts in marketing to them.

What I wanted to concentrate on here is how to target this group through Twitter.  This group is dynamic and not easily defined. You have those who are still in the workforce, those out of it, those somewhat participating and those who were never in the work force. See the problem here? However if you are marketing to this group, you no doubt already know what it is that you need to do to reach them through your advertising and marketing efforts.

What are those efforts based on? It might be worth a review of your strategy – or create one if you find that lacking. From this it is as simple as generating a list of keywords around your marketing efforts and marry those with other more generic and demographically tied. From this list you can generate hashtags that you can use in your tweets.

Twitter hashtag trends seniors.

While not pretending to have all the answers, here are some pretty obvious suggestions. Though they appear straight forward, it did actually take me a while to come up with the list suprisingly and also most came from being tied to one or another hashtags.

  •  #boomers
  • #babyboomers
  • #older
  • #aging
  • #elderly
  • #retired
  • #retire
  • #retirement
  • #40Plus
  • #50Plus
  • #60Plus
  • #middleage
  • #backinmyday


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