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Facebook, Yahoo! and Google Run afoul of Indian Ignorance

This week an Indian court has threatened to block sites with “offensive and objectionable” content, however they seem to be targeting Facebook, Yahoo and Google.

I wonder if the folks over there even get what the web is. Justice Suresh Kai said that the three sites need to “develop a mechanism to keep a check and remove offensive and objectionable material from their web pages”.

“You must have a stringent check. Otherwise, like in China, we may pass orders
banning all such websites,” – Delhi High Court

Now how the hell are they going to do that? Seems this week Facebook did do some editing – taking down a young mother’s breast feeding photos. I however was treated to four guys’ asses as they washed a car in my newsfeed today. So go figure. Yeah it was kinda offensive, but really what does one classify as offensive? And with the culture in India being vastly different from the west, is it really the same issue?

Is Yahoo even relevant? Even in India?

The bigger item of course is that both sites are fed by us, the public. It’s our posts and they happen every second. Multiple times a second actually. So do Facebook and Google have to build ass recognition software now?

“No human interference is possible and, moreover, it can’t be feasible
to check such incidents”  – Mukul Rohatgi, Google India

Maybe they should just give up on such an asinine market. I am sure there is a few offensive and objectionable words being tossed around by code warriors at the company when asked if this could even be feasible.

As for India, what has propelled them to get into this fight? It’s not like they don’t have caste, poverty, terrorism or dairy issues to attend to.

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