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Separating your Circles of Friends


These days it would not be a surprise to anyone if you have more than two or three accounts on a social network. Now the juggle comes in how to manage those different networks and how to keep grandma and your new beau separated.

For Facebook, it is a little more of a pain as you have to subscribe the notion that you have to separate each post. Not only that but you have to separate the older posts now that the timeline is out there. What I wanted to concentrate on in this story though is what the new Google+ platform is doing to help with this separation of your actual friends, family, workmates, cohorts, acquaintances, followers, lurkers, snoopers etc. But first lets revisit how you separate people on Facebook.

Facebook gets you to ask to be a friend with someone you know (supposedly). From there you set that Facebook Friend in a group – you can call it My High School Chums or Family or pick one of the presets such as Friends or Acquaintances. From there you can determine by these lists (a smart list is one you named such as Family-In-Laws).

Google does this differently.

Google+ created groups of people that users can create and label which are called Circles. You can set up different circles from the start, and since I am betting most of you don’t have as many contacts as you do on Facebook, its a good time to do that. You can set up Circles for friends, family, workmates, or even by a subject. I set up some in a circle I call Halifax Digital, so I can follow those who are on Google+ in my city. As you make new connections, you add them to the Circle or Circles (you can add contacts to more than one) that you think fit. You can now share a Google+ message with any or multiple Circles.

Another thing you can do is add folks you don’t even know. So you might want to add Pete Cashmore from Mashable.com to a circle called Social Media if you want a circle from that market segment. I am not sure if I would add The Donald to one about real estate, but that is up to you.

So social platforms are integrating your contacts more and more. I use twitter to tweet about social media stuff, but that feed is shared on my blog and on LinkedIn where my professional profile is. Facebook is kind of a free for all for me, but then again I don’t have any embarrassing photos or things to share (those being safely locked away on film negatives). With Google+, depending on how you use it, it is one of the better ways of segmenting your online brand and helps you organize yourself a lot better than Facebook does and Twitter can’t (unless you have multiple accounts).

No wonder Facebook had to play catchup with the segmentation of it’s special lists when Google+ launched.

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