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dog server

Getting Page Likes the Wrong Way

  Since this is the first post by this page, I am thinking that they are using this photo to make things viral for their page, rather than any statement on animal cruelty. The image is shocking, but the source is not known. The subject matter is off topic with the page. If it the page had many posts and
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manage social team

Allocating Resources to Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The following is reposted (with some modification) from SimpliFlying with permission. While this is mostly about the airline industry, it gives a good snapshot on how one market segment is allocating resources when it comes to social media spending efforts. I feel that the comparison of dedicated to integrated models is however not really a comparison, but a breakdown. Not
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SOAP Shoplifting

Why did Hollywood fight hard against SOPA? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This fight is now happening in Canada under the proposed C11. One can be assured that the same folks arguing in favour of the flawed SOPA bill are also lobbying hard with the current Conservative government in Ottawa. (I refuse to call it by thier own brand name of the H####R Government.) Lets do a bit of “the end is
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