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Can Pinterest Drive Traffic?

Pinterest is big news. It is the fastest growing trafficing social platform in 2012 – known as a socail curating site.

Recently in a Digital Marketer Pro press release on PRWeb.com,Pinterest was mentioned as to why marketers should be using it to drive traffic.  “Here’s the thing, Google+ has been getting a ridiculous amount of attention (perhaps undeserved) over the last few months, because of its mega-important parent company.” In the meantime, a recent newsletter by Digital Marketer Pro says, Pinterest’s stake in the social media realm has been rapidly and quietly expanding.

The press release goes on to say…

“Here’s what marketers may have missed (because it literally happened in the blink of an eye): Pinterest’s unique visitors grew by 429% between September and December … and will probably grow even more in the new year. This social bookmarking site has experienced a meteoric rise to #5 (just behind Yahoo) … and when it comes to driving referral traffic, suddenly Pinterest is huge.

Even if marketers don’t actually add it to their daily rotation, it’s always good to learn what these potential traffic sources are all about, advises the newsletter, because this one’s particularly good if the product looks good on camera.

That’s because Pinterest allows users to bookmark images from the web and post them on their board, which links back to their sources, reveals the recent Digital marketer Pro newsletter. There’s no real data yet on what type of conversion rates Pinterest is generating for online retailers … but testing shows that women make up the majority of Pinterest’s traffic.

Marketers are asking what the ROI of Pinterest is … and once again when it comes to a social media presence it doesn’t matter, because it’s free.”

This is where I have to diverge. Social media is free only from the POV of an account. You still have to pay for the technology to use it (laptop/phone/connection), the resources (internal or dedicated) and the thought presence behind a strategy.

For a true ROI, I am not sure if Pintrest can deliver it, but it is something that any company should be be aware of and looking for thier products and brand monikers to show up as the social images bookmarking site grows.

- Update at Press Time -

When Mashable takes note, you know that something is catching on. They released this great infographic that will also help back that up.

“Since the company appears to be the hottest thing going — at least at this writing — consider this a snapshot of the next social media giant… Lemon.ly, a visual marketing firm, took a deep dive into the data to catalog Pinterest’s stunning rise and produced the infographic below. What’s clear is that with 10 million users, Pinterest has already made its mark in terms of web design influence, if nothing else.” – Mashable February 2012