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Getting Page Likes the Wrong Way


Since this is the first post by this page, I am thinking that they are using this photo to make things viral for their page, rather than any statement on animal cruelty. The image is shocking, but the source is not known. The subject matter is off topic with the page. If it the page had many posts and many followers I would be less skeptic as to the intent of the posting.

Why encourage to share when the page should be encouraging you to support the SPCA or similar organization.

On the wall of this page, I asked if the picture has a source and why they posted it. The comment has been removed – lending credence that posting this was more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. No answers as to the validity or source of the photo.

Calling it a marketing ploy and calling the page owners on it. Hitting a nerve is a good thing, but not in this manner – the image (real or not) should not be used in this manner. If the page was about standing up against animal abuse and had links to organizations etc, then perhaps yes. This page? Just Plain Wrong.

About the Photo:
The real source of the photo is elsewhere on Facebook and is from the city pound in Istanbul according to the photo album. In any case they have the way you can protest the treatment of animals there. Doing it on a page like the one showcased here is not helpful to the animals, or the cause.

To find an SPCA near you, search for SPCA in Facebook. I would provide a link, but it is better you support one near you. I had about 5 show up for me, so that is the reason for no direct link here. Be kind to your pets.

See if they removed any of my comments from the photo as well.


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  1. Melissa Castle says:

    it comes down to more spam to deal with. instead of being in my inbox, it’s now in my timeline. what’s your blues name, what does your name say about you, etc. it’s all garbage. So, do these page makers have an ads out there as well? what would be their reason to create these nonsense pages?