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Facebook Leaving Google+ in the Dust with Minutes Spent

Canada is #5 in terms of countries on Google+, but still the penetration is 2.46% of the population. A far cry behind Facebook. Now numbers are showing that overall, the largest type of users of the network is students – hovering around 20%. So does it still make sense to look at Google+ to help grow your brand? comScore is now reporting that in January 2012, users spent 3.3 minutes on Google+. That is down from 4.8 min in December and 5.1 last November. While the growth of Google+ is up to 90 Million – growing from 40 Million in October, the quality of the users are seemingly lowering the engagement value. Facebook had 7.5 hours of use per user in the study for the same time period.

Google+ might be loosing ground or at least, not making much headway. It should be noted that comScore does not gauge mobile traffic – which could account for up to 40% of all traffic. This would create a large discrepancy in traffic numbers. But I for one am not going to trust Google with the goods on traffic. Perhaps once comScore gets the mobile traffic count integrated into it’s measurement we might see some better numbers and make a sounder decision on using Google+ or not. And since comScore does not measure mobile traffic for Facebook either, then it is a matter of apples to apples in this case.

Over all I am just not seeing the value yet with Google+.