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Multitasking: This Is Your Brain On Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing to a younger demographic? Wondering if all the forms of media are making people more thoughtful, or just better at digesting and refereing to information. This interesting infographic shows how the reference to media is not always a deep connection with multiple devices. I would say there are a few cut and paste journalists out there that could learn
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Can Pinterest Drive Traffic?

Pinterest is big news. It is the fastest growing trafficing social platform in 2012 – known as a socail curating site. Recently in a Digital Marketer Pro press release on,Pinterest was mentioned as to why marketers should be using it to drive traffic.  “Here’s the thing, Google+ has been getting a ridiculous amount of attention (perhaps undeserved) over the
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A Tale of Two Grammys on Twitter

On Friday, February 10, 2012 Twitter announced that “This Sunday night the 54th annual GRAMMYs will air on CBS. As with so many other live events on TV, one of the best ways to experience the show is to follow the conversation on Twitter. When the show starts, use #GRAMMYs to see what the world is saying about the performances,
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When Warrants are Gone, Where is the Accountability?

The federal Conservative government in Canada is set to pass lawful access legislation that will allow law enforcement (or any government agency) to, without warrant and without any legal precedent, to force ISP and telecoms to provide personal information on any Canadian. This is not limited to a computer, but also extends to mobile devices. This is a cost that
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Updating Your Own Facebook Status

Updating your status on Facebook allows you to project a single message to a large audience. Your status is a reflection of who you are and what you do. You can update your status with press mentions, your latest blog entry, a new project you’re working on or your interest in a particular job. Based on your branding strategy, you’ll
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Social Media Moms Choose Sex Over Facebook This Valentine’s Day

New Survey Shows Highly Connected SocialMoms Prefer Intimacy Over Virtual Connections This Valentine’s Day   SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — If given the choice to go without one thing for Valentine’s Day, about 76% of social media savvy women choose to give up Facebook over sex with their spouse or partner, according to a new survey by
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Facebook’s pre-IPO Valuation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Forget about getting in on the IPO. Only the very rich with accounts at JP Morgan or Chase would be getting any. And even then, not a lot according to some reports. Look to buy when it is triple the price when it finally comes out to everyone ;P. The rich get richer in these times folks.

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An Average Day on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

With more marketers looking to expand brand awareness on social platforms, Facebook seems like a good place to start. Indeed it has the capacity to deliver the eyeballs in a qualitative way more than any traditional manner. Not uprising is the increase in the average age over the two years from 2008 to 2010. Remembering that the media age of
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Getting Page Likes the Wrong Way

  Since this is the first post by this page, I am thinking that they are using this photo to make things viral for their page, rather than any statement on animal cruelty. The image is shocking, but the source is not known. The subject matter is off topic with the page. If it the page had many posts and
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