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A Lesson in Tweet Reach

Yesterday in the article Social Media Metrics I talked about the best type of metrics for tweeting. One of the things I like to do with this blog is tweet the posts to my followers. Using the simple hashtags for the relevant information of #facebook and #twitter and also mentioning the source of the original information that formulated my article I tweeted like this:


This morning I was doing a curiosity search on TweetReach.com to see how much that tweet or other tweets went. It turns out it went quite well. The reach was based not only on interest, but the fact that a couple of followers and those keeping an eye on hashtags picked it up.The reason I am posting this today is to highlight that with twitter - it is not always about the amount of followers you have, but the propensity for them to retweet your tweets and you taking the responsibility to create an engaging and interesting tweet with links to original content.It's good to RT others, but you have to have something of your own to say sometimes. Otherwise like in a real situation, people get bored of you.


And of course – don’t forget to thank those that RT your tweets. Common courtesy required.