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Facebook Monster Ads Motivated by IPO?

Until now, when you were not logged into Facebook and went to the home, you got a pretty straightforward login box with information on Facebook (what it is etc) or the new timeline.   Now with pretty much the entire English speaking world knowing WTF Facebook is – even if they are not using it or on it – and
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Think Before You Act

A little funny for you today. A little thinking may have saved the day. Sometimes being a smart-ass with technology doesn’t help.

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Tracking your Friend Losses

Ever wondered who recently unfriended you? If you have under 100 friends on Facebook then you can probably guess. But as we start to add more people to our friend list who we may have met (if at all) only once and use our friend list as more of a network for our personal brand channel on Facebook, it is
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A Lesson in Tweet Reach

Yesterday in the article Social Media Metrics I talked about the best type of metrics for tweeting. One of the things I like to do with this blog is tweet the posts to my followers. Using the simple hashtags for the relevant information of #facebook and #twitter and also mentioning the source of the original information that formulated my article
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HootSuite Partners with Adobe to Help Marketers Calculate Social Media ROI

[Being one who uses HootSuite and Adobe products. I thought it prudent, if even for my own historical interest, to post this press release. – textureweb] The integration between HootSuite™ Enterprise Social Media Management System and Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite connects social media messages to website conversions and stats; this integration brings social media practitioners the kind of measurement prevalent
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Social Media Metrics

Analytical site Social Bakers recently gave recommendations on what metrics are important for social media monitoring. They put it forth that you should be following these: FANS – Total number of fans ENGAGEMENT RATE – The amount of people on average interacting with your content RESPONSE RATE/TIME – Response rate and time to your fans posts, very critical for reactive engagement GROWTH – Momentum
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Is Your CEO Socially Engaged? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As much as stats will shout out the value of social media, sometimes it still confounds me as to those who see it as only a waste of time where people only talk about what they ate for breakfast. Sort of like how everyone thought the Internet was for geeks and porn and would never be good for anything else
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Make a new tab with a native Facebook App

Note that in 2014, these app tabs have left the building. Facebook seems to want to frustrate the business and marketing sector every year or so. This is a good video to give you some over site.  This is a republished article that has had major changes to it because of the removal of profile pages for apps which was
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Too Many Posts to Your Timeline Creates Havoc to Like

Yesterday I received a lot of posts on my Facebook wall as it was my birthday. What the problem was, was that I could not readily access to see who was posting, or to like each post because of the volume. This got me thinking of how this really is a limitation for someone who might have upwards to 5000
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Page Design Explained at fMC 2012

Blais DiPersia, Product Designer at Facebook explains some of the nuances of Facebook’s design with regard to Pages with the new Timeline.