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The RIM Delima

Will Blackberry ever get back on top? Likely not. It is on a downward roller coaster as development of apps dies, so does the want-ability of the product. The big rivalry is between Samsung/Andriod and Apple/iOS now, even in the home country of Blackberry’s parent company RIM – Canada.

Perhaps somewhere along the road, someone at RIM should have stopped thinking that the use of thier BB would go on unabaited. Perhaps they should have talked to the people at Palm regarding the Palm Pilot.

Businesses come and go, but most are destined to fail when they do not learn from the past – either their own market or other markets – by refusing to change and be proactive to keep on top.

Maybe that was the reason Apple is the second largest company in the world. It will be interesting to see if it maintains that presence after Jobs has now exited the stage forever.

Needless to say, the recent monster ad on Facebook I saw today got to thinking. And even this won’t save RIM.