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Social Media Metrics

Analytical site Social Bakers recently gave recommendations on what metrics are important for social media monitoring.

They put it forth that you should be following these:
  1. FANS – Total number of fans
  2. ENGAGEMENT RATE – The amount of people on average interacting with your content
  3. RESPONSE RATE/TIME – Response rate and time to your fans posts, very critical for reactive engagement
  4. GROWTH – Momentum and growth of your page

The short post also states that “Bottom line, these are the metrics you should be monitoring not for 1 of your platforms, but for all of your social marketing platforms.”

I am thinking that is a bit short sited. I think that what is more valuable is the metrics for each type of platform. So let’s take a look at two of them – Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter Top Metrics

  1. Following – the amount that follows you will be the important factor in retweets
  2. Number of retweets – this helps expand your reach to many fold of your followers in terms of strength
  3. Mentions – if you are mentioned then again it brings awareness
  4. Time of RT or Mentions – this can help you better understand when to post to your target group

Facebook Top Metrics

  1. Current Weekly Total Reach: – compared the percentage to the total Friends of our Fans which is usually larger. Some the Freinds of Fans of which are not online or have not checked in, therefore reducing the current total reach. WTR will indicate how far you can spread the story
  2. New likes  – this can show how much you are growing your like base. These are offset by Unlikes so pay attention to get the proper net amount.
  3. Unique Visitors – is your page doing the job you want it to do, or are you fully dependant on your Fans to disertate your stories for you. Increase your page counts by engaging content that is relevant and takes advantage of the new Page Apps. Advertise to push to content.
  4. Viral metrics – understand what posts are working and what are not. See what types of content by you or your fans is garnering good return and getting reach. Modify and go forth.

So really is the ones Social Bakers put forth relevant? Sort of. Use them as a visceral guide, but when it comes to understanding performance each platform has it’s own unique requirements and measurements of value.

And that is just my opinion. You may find other metrics relevant to your own needs.