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Tracking your Friend Losses

Ever wondered who recently unfriended you? If you have under 100 friends on Facebook then you can probably guess. But as we start to add more people to our friend list who we may have met (if at all) only once and use our friend list as more of a network for our personal brand channel on Facebook, it is intriguing that Facebook still does not let you know who has left you, or dropped out of Facebook altogether.

A new browser script now allows you to track those people in your personal profile. The script is only related to the browser, so if you use more than one browser or access Facebook on more than on computer – say at work and then again at home, you will need to install the script on each browser.

Unfriend Finder uses the Facebook platform to alert you on these events. Installing the script is somewhat limiting, as it supposedly cannot retroactively tell who had you as a friend on their list before you install the script. I am not sure how this work out, as it certainly seems to figure out who had me as a friend before I installed it. Perhaps this is an update which they neglected to change in their tutorial.

Unfriend Finder shows your unfriends easy by displaying a red counter in the menubar with the amount of unfriends you have.

You can decide to show only new Unfriends (like notifications) or show the overall number of unfriends in your list.

You can then access the missing profiles. Similarily on the left navigation of your Facebook home newsfeed, the number of sent requests for friends also appears and you can also access the missing profiles, settings or messages related to updates, though the best way to check for updates to the script is through the Page or the website for Unfriend Finder.


You might also want to look into it more on theĀ  Fan Page, website or follow them on Twitter.