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Changes? What Changes? Facebook Changed Ad Sizes



Marketplace ads, until March 31, had a 110×80-pixel image and 135 characters of copy. This is now changed to  a 99×72-pixel image and 90 characters of body copy.  According to Inside Facebook,

Even though existing documentation on Facebook still refers to the 110×80 dimensions, the site seems to have already begun resizing images to 99×72 automatically. The company has not done anything to notify advertisers of this through its business pages or ad dashboard. We did not find anything about the change in the Help Center or API documentation.”


This came into effect a few days after the page timeline implementation – on March 31. That begs the question that if Facebook is reliant more than ever with it’s IPO on ad revenue, would they not be so cavalier as to how they handle advertisers and give more notice, or move this to a time when there was not so much attention given to the Timeline launch?