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Earth to Social Times: Pinterest is Not in Decline


Social Times ran an article Pinterest’s Facebook App Is Losing Users – What Happened? today. The article says:

The number of daily average users (DAU) had peaked at 1.3 million on April 18, which is also the day that Pinterest released an improved version of its iOS app. But the numbers dropped dramatically on April 20 after Pinterest tightened the reigns on spammers who had been signing up for multiple fake accounts. Even legitimate users reported having trouble with their accounts after the changes took effect.  Late in March, Pinterest had updated its terms of service to address copyright concerns.”

While certainly the glow of the newest hot social platform will take some blows from drop of the shine factor, the overall strength of the platform continues.

Alexa shows continual reach – up 247% over three months. This I think reflects more people using the Pinterest app than through Facebook app on mobile. To look at only one drop in traffic through one avenue makes not for a death nell story that Social Times has made this out to be.


Interestingly Alexa also reports that the highest Upstream and Downstream site is still Facebook, and growing.



As for the use of the Pinterest app compared to the Facebook app – and the article only looked at iOS – the store number still has it at number one whereas Facebook is number 32 (numbers at time of post). This has more to do with change of app usage and also an apparent decline in the Facebook app as well according to appdata’s own data:


So I am not disputing the first part of the article as to how people are joining, but the story is not about a low in usage, but about how they access. Just a bit more effort would have been nice to see the real story here.


2 Responses to “Earth to Social Times: Pinterest is Not in Decline”

  1. Bill Copyrait says:

    That’s disappointing. This morning marks my DMCA take down notice #3000 and I still have several thousands to go. I can’t wait for Pinterest to go down the toilet.

    Pinterest sucks eggs as a traffic referrer, but it’s drawing my traffic away.

    That’s why I’m working non-stop chasing my infringed content. By next week my attorneys are going to start suing users for statutory fees, as a lot of my photographs are registered with the copyright office. I expect $20,000 per image and legal fees, so we’ll be asking for $30,000.

  2. textureweb says:

    Bill is your content that is being pinned from a photography site – shots that you have taken? One solution is to ensure that if you showcase your work that you include your url on the photos. THis was it will protect your content, but it will still be pinned. It will however help in bolstering traffic to your site I would think. All new platforms go through their copyright problems such as before YouTube started addressing home made music videos with algorithms to identify the songs.