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Nova Scotia MLA Asks for Action on Employers Demanding Passwords

Andrew Younger

A private members bill from opposition Liberal MLA, Andrew Younger, is being considered by the Nova Scotia provincial government. The bill would make it illegal for employers to ask from current or prospective employees for their social media passwords. The bill was tabled on April 23, 2012 as a way to help alleviate privacy concerns on this matter.

Much ado as of late has been made of this issue in the States and Canada, with Facebook reacting to ensure that it can do what it can to also stop this practice. Younger posted on his site that;

“It is increasingly difficult in the digital age to ensure our privacy. Already in some jurisdictions we are seeing a trend where some employers demand access to personal social media accounts prior to and during employment. We need to ensure this trend does not cross Nova Scotia’s borders. We’ve consulted with Democrats south of the border so we can see what is working in their jurisdiction to address this issue, and so we can learn from it for our legislation, Labour legislation has not kept pace with social media and the Internet, it’s time to look at fixing that problem.”

Government Minister of Labour,  Marilyn More is being a bit coy about the bill saying it is a

reminder to all prospective employees that they have to be very discreet in terms of what they publish on their social media networks and also what they say in public.”

Good advice, but something everyone should know anyway. What really is needed is action before it becomes a problem.