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New Facebook Page Profile size

Facebook sent out this message to Page owners in the weekly page update. I usually ignore this email as it mostly is just stats that one can access in more depth from the page: Hi, On April 26, we will be updating the size of the profile picture on all Pages. We are letting you know about this small change
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July 2012 Breaking Changes

If you have worked in your advanced settings for your Facebook Apps, you no doubt have seen the Migration items that include the July 2012 Breaking Changes. What is this?   Facebook describes this as: The following changes will go into effect on July 5, 2012: Removing FB.Canvas.setAutoResize – Originally scheduled for January 1, 2011 We have renamed FB.Canvas.setAutoResize to
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2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Social Media Examiner has released it’s fourth annual social media study – the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Over 3800 marketers reveal where they focus their social media activities, how much time they invest and what the rewards are. Included in the report is:   What social networks marketers will focus on in the future The top 10 social
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Creating A Social Media Plan: Part 6

Recommend Who Does Social Media For Your Company The first step of choosing who does social media for your company is deciding between doing it internally, hiring a consultant to do it, or a combination.  You can shorten your learning curve with social media consultants who can train you and help identify online communities where your clients already gather.  But
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Creating A Social Media Plan: Part 5

Set Realistic Expectations Because social media revolves around so many free tools, and because it has become the darling of marketing hipsters everywhere, expectations run high.  So you also need to help your team understand there’s no guarantee it will be a silver bullet.  Tell them things like: Social media is not a panacea: if your company or product sucks,
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Creating A Social Media Plan: Part 4

Plan A Timeline Of Steps You can’t just push a button and have a full-fledged social media marketing program running full-swing.  But management won’t wait forever, either.  Give them an idea of what your steps will be, which may include: Time to define goals, objectives, and strategy Time to get trained on social media Time to determine team, either internally,
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Creating A Social Media Plan: Part 3

 List Tangible Business Goals If you don’t already have a social media plan, it’s very possible that your top management fears that social media is only a plaything.  You have to show them you mean business.   Tell them how you will use social media activities to: Build awareness Strengthen relationships with clients, prospects, and influencers Better understand your buyers Improve
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Creating a Social Media Plan: Part 2

Define Social Media Because social media is such a nebulous thing for many, you need to put concise parameters on what it is.  However, don’t start your plan with the definition of social media because it’s not as exciting as the first section about the big opportunity.  Get their attention first, and then you can go Webster on them.  Include
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Creating a Social Media Plan: Part 1

Paint The Picture of The Big Opportunity of Social Media Start your social media plan with some startling statistics and pithy quotes about the huge shift away from traditional publishing towards social media. If you wrote this plan a few years ago, you would have leaned on the endorsement of old media with quotes like this:  “Consumers are flocking to
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New Pinterest Terms of Service

So being a bit distracted with other things this week, I thought I would do a quick post today. The following is the new terms of service from Pinterest and worth a read over. Many times we don’t bother, but there are some key points that they make.Especially about selling content. If what was never a plan, then why did
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