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Simple Things Make Webmail Nice

Not much in this post other than FINALLY – an option in a webmail application – word up Thunderbird and Outlook – to take care of multiple signature postings.


Multiple signatures come with multiple small images which in today’s world means money if your recipient is on a crappy data plan.

I am sure this is not the only webmail program that does this, and maybe Outlook and Thunderbird handle signitures this way too. I am just not that into figuring out email like the rest of us and want it to be up front and easy to find with a feature like this. Anyone tried to find a help topic in Window lately?

This feature comes from roundcube. I had not heard of this before, but it was an option on a site I manage through host provider Blacksun, whom I find to be a really great company if your looking for a solid host provider in Canada or elsewhere.

Free and open source webmail software for the masses, written in PHP.

One Response to “Simple Things Make Webmail Nice”

  1. Melissa Castle says:

    nice one. I’m stuck with Groupwise for my work email, but I always choose to add the signature or not, I don’t add it automatically.