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Facebook Brand Fans are Brand Advocates

I think you would agree that Facebook Fans of brand pages are strong advocates, or ones who help you spread your message. Now a new study by Forrester Research confirms that.

Brand engagement is a driver of loyalty and purchase for companies, and Facebook is a great channel for advocates to share brand experiences with others. Facebook
therefore should be a leading platform when launching a brand advocacy program. Companies should create social content that will keep fans engaged with the brand.

The study goes on to discuss how market insights can be gained by adding four questions to any market surveys that are being done.

The study looked at four brands in earnest – Coke, Walmart, Blackberry and Best Buy. An analysis of consumer attributes that have the largest impact on purchase, consideration, and recommendation consistently showed that amoung these brands, those in the survey who were fans, were the most apt tp give a recommendation, consideration and purchase from the brand.

The study does warn however that spending for the sake of getting fan numbers up is not a mandate from the data.

A company’s Facebook fans have an affinity to the brand, but not necessarily as a result of being a Facebook fan. Marketers should not center their social media strategy and dollars around fan acquisition to meet revenue objectives.

This goes well with my mantra – quality over quantity. Those who are your fans are already your brand lovers. That however makes a strong case for using them as your advocates to convert others who may or may not become your fans, but will embrace the brand and the products of your brand.