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Mobile Metrics and Social Misreporting

A new white paper by Third Door Media and distributed by Adobe’s Digital Marketing has looked into the relationship of social media and mobile.

When you are on your mobile, accessing an app is not the same experience as on the desktop. The newsfeed is different, pages are not as present and of course there is no advertising. For now.

According to the report, mobile is the main driver for  consumer social media use.  Metrics company comScore found that “64% of smart phone users accessed a social network on their devices at least once in October 2011; two out of five users socialize on their mobile devices every day.”

Facebook recently revealed that 50% of the traffic is from mobile however apps are not recorded as website referrers. The net result is that “direct” traffic
is higher than actual, while mobile is lower, causing most to not bother with any mobile orientated content and attribute traffic to other media and access avenues.

For brands with a strong search and social media presence, Facebook, Google, and Twitter apps are the most commercially relevant apps likely to be driving volumes of misclassified visitors. Upon the second click within the Facebook app browser, the “referrer” gets populated with “Facebook.com” through the “l.php” redirect script page path. This is exactly how desktop-sourced Facebook clicks get recorded making it difficult for marketers to determine that the traffic came from the Facebook mobile app.

While the report does not recommend solutions, it does help you to understand how some metrics can be so high. Especially as mobile grows.