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Cleaning Out Facebook Messages

  I messaged a friend the other day and did not have a lot of time to do so. The sheer volume of old messages meant a lot of scrolling. Damn can’t I just make the new ones appear on the top? Anyway, I found that you can delete old posts. I think it is best to do it with
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Yesterday’s Photos Meet Today’s Social

Ryan Delehanty dropped in a local Halifax thrift shop and found a treasure trove of photographs documenting some unknown peoples lives. Most of the photos are of the same group of mid- twenties characters and seem to be in the late 60s in parts of Halifax, Montreal and Philadelphia. The vintage shots capture a time when we documented our lives
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Facebook Launches New App Center

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc unveiled a new hub for consumers to find games and other apps on the social network, including its first storefront for selling paid apps, in the company’s latest effort to expand the ways it makes money from its massive audience. The new App Center, which Facebook said will launch in the next few weeks, comes as
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Pinterest at 25 (months) [INFOGRAPHIC]

  The demograpic of Pinners is changing as the site garners more users. Pinterest is now 25 months old since launch. In March of this year, it  served 2.3 billion page impressions to 4 million unique visitors each day.  Tamba from the UK has produced this infographic with the latest numbers.  

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TweetReach Changes its Dashboard

  I meant to post this earlier in the month.  For those of you who use TweetReach as a way to measure your performance of your twitter feed, the metrics have changed for the better. Previously, this is what you had been given on a hash tag, account or word (not showing the most relevant recent tweets associated with the
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How Much of your Media Budget is for Digital? Social?

  Is your media budget in step with the rest of the industry? This infographic details the continuing shift in ad buys towards digital, leaving more traditional forms in the dust. 6S Marketing released this infographic and commented that SEO and social media marketing currently make up 70% of online marketing budgets. Overall, 24% of budgets were spent on digital
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Browsers – HTML5 Handling and Tools for Inspector Gadget

  Looking to see the best browser for the best experience with HTML5? This should help – it’s the latest ranking from which ranks all browsers.This particular list is for desktops, but the site also has listings for tablets, mobile, gaming and television. That’s right television. You’re welcome George Jetson. Still on IE6? You might want to upgrade to
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Twitter Stats at Six [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter is usually seen as the country cousin to more popular Facebook and other social platforms, but with the integration of hashtags in popular culture – most notably news and current affairs programs, it is becoming not only a news spreader, but a news maker with many stories breaking on the platform. Arab Spring anyone? Some of the interesting  numbers
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