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See all the people you care about: Close Friends


Another development in Facebook is the ability to star those who are close to you to ensure you get all of their posts. This is another step for Facebook to give you tighter integration with your friends of relevance and also to strengthen what Facebook knows about you. The more data that Facebook is able to have on you, the better the services and targeting they can do. An ad your close starred friends like or see will probably start coming up in your ad feed I can imagine. Nothing is done really for the user on Facebook unless it is going to provide something for Facebook now that the IPO has happened and the company has to start getting real business models beyond simple advertising.

If you close the above notice, you will be able to access friends on the left navigation.



Interestingly I found that the initial people that were offered up to star in the notice were all tagged as family – cousins, siblings, immediate family etc. Guess they think that they should start with the people you have known the longest, though in terms of age that is not necessarily the case. I would have thought it would have offered up those you interact with the most as they know that already.