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“Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators…”


Townsend: "Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators..."

Another day, another blundering fool shooting himself in the foot by exposing his dark side – and ignorance of the fact that social media is not the place for private thoughts on advocating violence against women.

Official spokesman for Rep. Nan Hayworth’s (R-NY) re-election campaign Jay Townsend is not helping his party friends these days when he espoused “Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators…” Indeed Townsend also has a Facebook page called How to Run for Public Office ~ Jay Townsend ~ Political Consultant.  My point here is that if you are selling something with a brand – be it a product or your own, remember that Facebook is a public place and never assume that your comments will not come to light. Especially if you are in politics.

Townsend has worked in four presidential campaigns, scores of U.S. Senate, Gubernatorial and Congressional races, and a myriad of County Executive, Mayoral, legislative and judicial contests.” – jaytownsend.com

I find it really really surprising that someone would say something so hateful and damaging about women in a public forum (or anywhere for that matter) with so much personally at stake. I suspect Townsend’s ‘How to’ manual was missing the part about social media. It might be a misguided attempt at belittling the opponent – or a thin analogy to verbal attacks, but it certainly is not acceptable. The Internet remembers things folks.

Don’t walk around in your underwear.

The right thing for Townsend to do is to apologize. We will have to wait to see how that will unfold.