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Piktochart Gets in on the Infographic Biz


No doubt you have all seen the latest communication craze of infographics. Taking a complex set of ideas and data and distilling it into a presentation has always been a challenge. One screen at a time was the limit of PowerPoint. With an infographic, you throw that aside and scroll for information, or print it to the wall (a real one, not a social one) size of your office.

A new tool Piktochart allows you to use free templates to customize your infographic. You can purchase ones as well, so that your freebie is not like the financial update infographic that the folks down the hall released last week.

The interface gives a suitable number of graphics and tools. So if you have ever built a PowerPoint, you can do this. It also helps if you have an artistic side, but if not, the end result could be considered a leap up over the old snooze fest that most presentations do.