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Study: Digital Magazine Ad Engagement

Digital Ad Engagement: Perceived Interactivity as a Driver of Advertising Effectiveness, a study by  Alex Wang, Ph.D. of the University of Connecticut (Stamford) explores use of interactive approaches as a way to increase efficacy of digital magazine advertising. These ads employ technology to deliver expandable, rollover, transitional, and over-the-page and games to the reader. We say reader in this case not user as they are in the mode of reading a magazine.

What Wang found was that

Interactive ads tend to generate stronger engagement, message involvement, and attitude toward the advertisements than static ads in general. The results based on testing the specific advertisement also show that the interactive ad tends to generate stronger engagement, message involvement, attitude toward the ad, and purchase intention than the static advertisement. Participants rated these variables using a 9-point scale (9 being the strongest); the results are shown below.”

Kia is taking advantage of the larger display of the iPad by advertising on digital magazine provider Zinio’s iPad platform.

By nature digital magazines are already in a media format that is delivered on a device where interaction is anticipated and expected. Advertisers should be taking advantage of the ability to be interactive like the platform allows. This not only maximizes the the interaction, but allows stronger communication between the advertiser and the reader. Wang recommends that the integration of interface, interactivity levels and the strength of the intelligent computing coalesce to deliver the maximum user experience.

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