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Summer of Learning

A free resource for you coders out there will be available on July 23rd from Aquent and Vitamin Talent.

It’s always exciting to learn new things, and summer is the perfect time for working professionals to do so. Things are a bit slower, and with Aquent/Vitamin T’s Summer of Learning, you can hone your skills at your leisure. That’s right. Even on vacation at three o’clock in the morning. We know how you roll, because that’s how we do too.

With a focus on HTML5, the course offers access to library of books and video demos for self-paced learning, online forum with instructors and the ability to attend weekly webinar on a specific aspect of HTML5, with assignments for enhancing your portfolio.

As it does not start until the 23rd, it seems a bit far off and kinda a half summer of learning, but hey it’s free.

Sign up here. If you freelance, you also can be entered into their database for work contact as they represent talent. Like you.