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You Will Get What You Pay For. Shit.

I came across an ad on Kijiji from the local health authority that was basically asking for free work entitled “Seeking volunteer with Adobe Flash experience to build animation”

The ad claimed that “There should be no advanced programming or animation required.” The problem was, was that the work asked for was to be built in Flash and would be a point and click or hover to create the action of video or

This is not simple stuff. Straight forward, but as anyone knows you have to have some programming knowledge to create good work with multiple media in Flash. Not to mention a good working knowledge of interface design. Seems that someone decided that since the got a new iPhone and played the free version of Angry Birds, anyone can make this shit.

Maybe someone should tell them that if it is to “be delivered entirely over the iPhone and computer” they better figure out how those swf files are going to run on iOS. This sort of thing irritates me to no end. Perhaps they should have looked into proper funding or budgeted to have something done right and in a technology suited for a mobile device OR the browser, but not both as the interface and navigation (finger vs. mouse) on both is totally different.