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Obama vs. Romney Tweetstorming [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whenever there is an impending election south of the border I tend to start being a news hound. I find the especially the race to the Whitehouse much more interesting than the elections held here. That said, let’s take a look at how the two candidates are faring on twitter. The following infographic is from Social media analysis firm PeekAnalytics.
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Get You in Your Movie via Facebook and a Nova Scotian

  As I enter the summer, I am not as apt to be posting as much, but am still reading about social media. One thing that I am proud of is the amount of talent here in Nova Scotia with regard to digital media and Social Media. This is a story from the local Coast which I republish here with
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Go Deep into the Code

Firefox allows you to go deep into the code visually – specifically into the nesting of tables and divs. How? First right click on an area. You will see the choice to ‘Inspect Element’. In this case it is to look at the profile picture in this Facebook timeline. Now at the bottom of the page to the right you
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Tsk. Tsk. Jerks on Mobiles. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online College produced an infographic about mobile bad manners. How many of these rules have you violated?

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CSS Scale Your Website for Facebook Page App Call-in

Looking to create a page app that ties directly into your website, but your website is perhaps wider than the he maximum recommended width on a page app of 760 px? To remedy this, create a mirror of your website specifically for your Facebook app to call in. What you want to do is scale down the size of the
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Writing Ads for Google Adwords

One challenge that comes up is writing good copy for an ad on Google while trying to keep in mind the limitations of the copy. This tool should help you create the ad copy you want without thinking (too much) about the constraints and adjusting AFTER you build it.


A Bit of Maritime Google Doodle

  Call me proud, but I like it when I see a bit of the Maritimes featured on a national stage. Today, the Hartland Covered Bridge in New Brunswick is having it’s 111th anniversary celebrated with a Google Doodle. The 391m-long covered bridge — the longest in the world — officially opened July 4, 1901, and has spanned the The
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