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Facebook Notifications Update


Facebook updated the Notifications timeline I noticed. Another unannounced update shows you a bit more information.

1. In a group a friend commented on a photo posted by someone else. I like this as I could not recall or determine the photo in the past. Now I don’t have to go to the group to see the reference if the post is short enough in character length.

2. Another Group. No photo, just a post. One thing to make your group stand out is to adjust the icon such as this and post number one.

3. Not a newer addition, but you can determine this is a page by the Page flag icon.

4. A normal comment on a post I made on my own Timeline.

5. I commented on a photo of a friend of a friend who allowed posts. I was able to figure out what he was referring to as I made comments on a few different photos in my friend’s friend’s photo album.

Maybe these are not as new as I think as I have been on vacation for a few weeks, but they certainly are changes this month.


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