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Submit Dog for Public Shaming

I have to admit, sometimes being a dog owner is hard. Like when my dog Wilbur ate my latest book I was reading. Or the socks. Or the remotes or…well you get the picture.
Now there is a site dog-shaming.com that allows you to shame your mutt. And in the process get a bit of group support – through a laugh and know you are not alone.

The site is submission based and the moderator posts with some rules.

  • I am no longer accepting links.
  • Pictures submitted upside down or sideways will be deleted.
  • Spelling mistakes will not be published (lolcat speak is fine).
  • If your sign isn’t super clear, please type out what you wrote in the submission.
  • Complaints can be submitted to the dog. Kidding, mostly. I welcome constructive criticism, but please don’t bother sending me a “You’re a terrible person for shaming your dogs! These are learned behaviors from irresponsible dog owners”. I know, I get it, we’re all terrible people. Shaming people for shaming dogs is a tad ironic, no? don’t waste your breath.
  • Anon will not be turned on, this is a no drama zone. Have something to say? Say it; don’t stand behind anonymity.
  • I will not post any pictures of pets with dead things, that’s gross and crosses the line (of course, dead chew toys are fine, dead mice, not so much).

Kudos to the moderator. It must be a handful of work.