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Becoming Whole and Real on YouTube

Logging into YouTube the other day, I was forced through a merger of sorts. This is one however that may cut down on those annoying and harrasing posts by folks who hide behind thier moniker.

Linking your Google Plus profile to Youtube goes beyond the initial changeover from YouTube username to gmail account after the initial buy out by Google of the popular video site. As Google tries hard to make sure you are who you say you are rather than a “Joe Q. Public” I am thinking that this will better the web for all of us.

Now if we can only get more sites such as newspapers, to enforce the ‘true identity’ clause we can perhaps return to a gentler and more diplomatic web. Wait when did the web actually behave in that way? Regardless I like this one. What about you?

Post your thoughts. And if you are who you say you are I might just publish them here.