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Halifax musician and songwriter Dave Carroll of United Breaks Guitars. The World Wrestling Entertainment had his famous video removed from YouTube, claiming copyright infringement. (Chronicle Herald)

Censorship Raises it’s Head as Copyright Infringement

Halifax musician and songwriter Dave Carroll, of United Breaks Guitars fame, is relieved he won’t have to climb into the wrestling ring. “I was threatening to start taking anabolic steroids ’cause I’m only 175 pounds. If I have to go up to those guys, I have to gain some weight,” he joked Monday. Carroll’s famous music video, in which he
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Pittsburg Dad Show How to Be a Big Fish.

  YouTube allows for the average person now to become somewhat of a celebrity, even if the reach is on a more local or regional scale. Pittsburg Dad is a web sitcom (categorized so because of the 80s style laugh track) which reaches to those of the Pittsburg community – be they still in the area, or have an affinity
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Facebook Plugins to Drive More Traffic to Your Content

Do you want more of your content shared on Facebook? Are you wondering how to make it easy for people to share your site or blog content on Facebook? Which Facebook widgets are best? Facebook recently introduced the Facebook Recommendations Bar—which is different from the Facebook Recommendations Box—and the Like Button and the Like Box. But what are the differences
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A Look at Apple Technology Myths

  Tek Syndicate covers some of the myths about what Apple actually invented. Apple has been creating chaos in the courts lately, but did they actually ever invent anything? This video explains that Apple is a recipe company, not an invention company. This does not mean that they do not innovate, it simply means that they are responsible for less
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A Look at Adobe Edge Animate

  Adobe® Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Adobe re-branded their as yet to be publicly released Edge as Edge Animate. Hmm I think that might have been to make people aware that it is an animation tool, not
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