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Take Advantage of the New Twitter Header

Twitter announce changes to your profile layout. It is similar to Facebook and no doubt there will be some clever designs. I am not a big proponent of eyes on one’s profile page in the long run as it is about your follower count ratios etc. However it is important in the initial run in with people checking out who you are and trying to get a taste of what you are about.

So here is a little run down on how to do it with a nod to @TodMaffin for sending this out to his newsletter members as a breaking news item earlier in the week.

Log into your Twitter account

Click the Gear icon in the top-right

Select Settings

Click Design and look for the  Change header button further down the page.

Create an image with recommended dimensions of 1200×600 and a maximum file size of 5MB, and upload with the Change header button.

Check your profile in a new window/tab as you may have to change the colour of your text.