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Failure to See the Train in the Tunnel


Huffington Post Canada blogger Jim Harris has written an excellent piece on the reason for the demise of print based revenue which is evident in data supplied by the Newspaper Association of America. There are three important points that stood out to me.

…newspapers on the print side have begun to optimize for Google rankings, but the business side of newspapers hasn’t. They are choosing, instead, to leave billions in revenue to a highly fragmented market of SEO firms.

Print industry leaders have blamed Google and Huffington Post for their fall calling these new aggregators “news parasites.”

Ultimately it has been the newspaper industry’s failure to adjust to market forces — the failure to change as swiftly as the public news consumption patterns. Newspapers have failed, so far, to acquire the skill sets required for print journalism in the 21st century. And the industry has failed to understand just how deep and profound these changes are.

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