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Moving Fans from Pages to Stores

In my newsfeed today, someone shared this with his friends (including me) because it allowed more points in this game.

Samsung Televisions has launched a contest with Angry Birds. The app allows you to play to win a Samsung Smart TV  with their  Angry Birds Check-in Challenge.

This may work, or not. Part of the idea is that by using the like gate, you notify others. Not of course if you choose to not show it in your newsfeed.


The bigger part to this is to move the sales of televisions. ‘Hey we have retailers. We have product, but we have fans too. How do we get those fans in the store where they can then be motivated to see the tv, even might purchase one rather than wait to play a game?’

Solution: To participate, the involves instore presence. A boon to retailers I should think. A smart way to integrate national brands with store traffic. With a few ’tiles’ or playing opportunities to start, you don’t feel too duped, but still enough to get hooked (damn birds brrraaaakkkkkkkkk) and get to the store for more point.

For those of you who live over a Best Buy – good news for you.



The tiles are kinda like Battleship in this game. Easy, addictive and fun.