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New Group Function in Facebook: Who Read What

Facebook has a new function in Facebook Groups. I can only gather that since groups are a bit more intimate and can range from public to secret, the idea is to track who has read what and to let the group know who has looked at various items.


Facebook explains this function:

  • The check under each post indicates how many group members have seen it. This way you can stay updated on the group’s activity.
  • Hover over the to get an idea of who’s seen it.
  • Anyone who can view the group post will see the .

So invasion of privacy or a good message management tool? After all Facebook is a public setting, even if you are in a private or secret group. I like it as it can tell me who has read a post in a group that might be of importance – such as a link for a document I want all to review or an update to a non planned event.