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Note to Apple: Shove Your Self Grandios QT

Nothing pisses me off more than unexpected rudeness. The person in front of me buying a scratch and win, then scratching it then ordering another – its not a casino bud. Or how about my nice surprise of having my system halt just because I had not changed my home page from apple.com on Safari.

I like using a Mac, but hate Safari. Yeah yeah, its the most standards compliant blah blah. But the default home page of apple.com is slow as hell. I know I can change it, but this shows how little I use it. Actually the reason I opened it up today is because YouTube is not able to allow one to sign in if they have signed into more than one account on Google. It just keeps knocking you out. That is a subject for another day.

Back to apple.com. Not only is their homepage overloaded, today they had the audacity to load up a large QuickTime (yes they all have Adobe and Flash over there – the morons) and totally stall my system.

Leave it to apple to shove some large file down my throat, I mean pipe in an effort of self grandiose. I get that Steve Jobs was an influential person, but so was Albert Einstein. Actually there are a lot of people more important than Jobs. Stop shoving this crap at us Apple. Are we going to see Apple shove large format Quicktime to the web EVERY October 5?

Especially in large file format when all we want to do is go on Facebook.

Oh an no Apologies to those who use a Mac and might be offended because how dare one speak out against such a beautiful thing. Get over it, its just a computer, not your life.

2 Responses to “Note to Apple: Shove Your Self Grandios QT”

  1. Kim Dunn says:

    Yes, Einstein was important. But Jobs founded, then made Apple into the biggest company in the world. Why the hell are you surprised, let alone miffed, that Apple would commemorate the 1st anniversary of his death? Get off your high horse and stick your indignation where the sun don’t shine. I’ve never heard a stupider rant.

  2. textureweb says:

    I would not call it a stupid rant, but a rant created from frustration of unexpectedly encountering large file format Quicktime when all I wanted to do was get online. Bad posturing in MOHO. Each to their own.