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Leaving Your Mark

A great podcast from the CBC Radio show, The Age of Persuasion with Terry O’Reilly In the logical, rational, results driven world of advertising, some of the best creative ideas can be mighty difficult to sell to a client. From Saturday June 23, 2012: Leaving Your Mark (runs 27:30)

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As a Gen-X This validates that we will always be in the line.

Morley Winograd, co-author of “Millennial Momentum”, looks at millennials and how the generation is changing office culture. And how Gen X are again squeezed as predicted by the boomers who hang on and the millenials who expect the world. Keep the faith Gen X. We are the ones who know how to act and know how to not be expectant.
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CRTC Denies BCE’s Bid to Acquire Astral

CRTC denies Bell’s bid to take over Astral; finds deal to be counter to public interest OTTAWA-GATINEAU, October 18, 2012 – Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) denied BCE’s application to acquire control of Astral Media’s television and radio services because it is not in the public interest. Astral Media operates 84 radio stations and 20 pay and
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Quick Tip: Make a Photo POP on Facebook Timeline

  Be it your own, or on a page you manage, use the highlight tool in the top right corner to bring more attention to a photo. So the above becomes this:   This also has a big impact in an album or your main photo page: When Highlighted, it becomes powerful. And kinda nice to look at:   See
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Ricky Gervais Tweets to Mr./Ms. Religion

  Lance looses sponsors, Mittens goes postal on binders, but this may be the best part of this week. And it is still only Thursday. Oh what will Friday bring?


Page Post Ads Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Qwaya created an infographic in order to help you create Page posts that translate well into Page post ads, and is essentially a checklist for you to run through when creating Page posts that you might want to sponsor.  

Gotta be me

Calling this One as a YouTube Hit Bump

Something about this fellow in the current Southern Comfort ad campaign that makes me smile and think that this is going to be a larger item than a posted ad on YouTube in the weeks to come. Fall might be here, but I can always relive summer with my own doppelgänger. One of the comments sums this up the best:
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New Group Function in Facebook: Who Read What

Facebook has a new function in Facebook Groups. I can only gather that since groups are a bit more intimate and can range from public to secret, the idea is to track who has read what and to let the group know who has looked at various items.   Facebook explains this function: The check under each post indicates how
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Remembering The Old Days

When I started working with the Internet, I had only one option – the Mosaic Browser. Then came Netscape which seemed like a leap to me at the time. Looking back it really has been a long time and the changes to not only how pages are built, but the whole advent of CSS, HTML5 and even Flash (could it
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Using YouTube to Market Your Products

If you think that YouTube is a place where kids go to steal movies or adults waste time watching silliness, you are right. But that is not the only audience that is using YouTube. By far, the platform is a fantastic venue to showcase your product and market your business in a cost effective way that was unthinkable only a
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