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Sorting with Facebook Interest Lists

A great feature on Facebook allows you to sort pages and friends by lists, similar to what you can do on twitter.

1. When you are on a Page or Friend Profile, click on Like or Liked. BTW you can also hide these streams from your newsfeed this way. Now choose Add to Interest Lists…

2. You can add a new list or add to one you already made. Here no lists are et created.

3. To create a new list you will see only the Page – as in this case – you have liked.

4. Click next after you have named a new list. You can sort into various ways to make it public. A public list for everyone you might want to email around to say our Rotary members who are not necessarily friends.

5. Now on your main Facebook page, on the left you will see Interests show up.


6. Now when you add something to a list in the future, you will see the lists that you have already made.