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Being part of the video shoot, you can be in the video too.

Facebook Connect pulled data from Facebook to populate image and text fields, however private information such as dates etc are not used here. You can see that the license on the bottom says Saskatchewan as that was a template.

@thestanfields interactive video for “Death & Taxes” uses Facebook Connect

Canadian celtic rock band The Stanfields (not the underwear) has released an interactive video that gets you involved in the mix by bringing your own Facebook content into the video through Facebook Connect.

I had the privilege of being in the actual video itself having been approached by someone who is a real life friend and Facebook friend through Facebook on a Friday night. The next morning I found myself in a black ski mask and IRA style get ups running down the tracks of the Halifax docks getting out of breath quickly.

The video is  another production of Jason Nickel, a commercial and viral marketing director who was the brains behind the viral “Take This Lollipop”.

With respect to Lollipop, Nickel told CNN that “Our privacy was dead a while back and will never be the same,” he said. “Life as a whole has changed. If you look at the video, the scariest part is that your information is in the video. The piece is scary because a person is violating your privacy, not because it’s bloody or there’s anything jumping out.”

See yourself in @thestanfields interactive video for “Death & Taxes”: http://pleaseclickagree.com #pleaseclickagree #deathandtaxes