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Google Streetview. Capturing the Day.

In some ways Google Streetview is akin to those photo projects where numerous photographers contribute a slice of life to a project in a day. Though Streetview captures the street-scape as is, it also captures it over many different periods so you may see sun and sky on one street and then turn up another and see snow and cloud just around the corner.

Recently my parents home town was finished on Streetview and when I looked up their house, much to my surprise and delight, it captured my father getting out of his car with a ‘what the hell is that contraption on the street’ look on his face.

Over time I wonder as Google updates the views if one will be able to revisit past captures. Imaging in 20 years being able to go through the street-scapes of 5, 10 or 20 years beforehand. Perhaps even with the integration of historic street images we will be able to move even earlier. Maybe through a pair of those glasses while we are actually on the street. Then I can say to my grandchildren, look there is my fathers house. And here he is in the driveway.

Cheers Dad.