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#RobFord Hits the Twittersphere.

Ford is out because he voted on a motion to keep donations in (his own promoted charity using the Mayor seat) back in 2010. Irony: he actually did not have to vote on the motion as the council voted on the monies raised as an error of judgement rather than abuse of office. It was the vote on that motion that triggered the conviction brought about by a citizen.

The noise was not lost on Twitter, with the majority of the tweets coming shortly after the announcement

At a meeting of Toronto City Council on February 7, 2012, the respondent spoke to and voted on a matter in which he allegedly had a pecuniary interest. By so doing, it is alleged that he contravened s. 5(1) of the MCIA and, accordingly, an order is sought under s. 10(1) of the MCIA declaring his seat on Toronto City Council vacant.Justice Charles Hackland


When you are that stupid, news travels fast on social media.