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“Attrition is Our Weapon”

  Anonymous is targeting the Westboro Baptist Church. The new way of fighting evil in the digital realm. Westboro Baptist Church announced plan to protest funerals in Newtown, site of the deadly shooting last week. “After church leaders announce plans to protest at site of school massacre, Anonymous posts the personal information for dozens of members of the extremist group,
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Sometimes the Best Response is None

  Facebook is a place where you will have friends of many different political and religious and cultural stripes. If you choose to have a lot of friends, or few, no doubt you will encounter some who will espouse their views about subjects that are polarizing for you. A friend of mine posted this and thought it the best way
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Word Frequency with Popular Science

Popular Science teamed up with Google to index and archive all of their past issues back to 1872 – all 1523 issues. Because of this and the ability to search for scanned words in Google Books, you can now search for words in the magazine. Popular Science went a step further. They created a tool with Pitch Interactive to search
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