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Canada vs. Japan Mobile Market Share

Canada shows a very different complexion
than most other markets due to the strength of the RIM/
Blackberry platform. In fact, with 32.6 percent of the market,
Canada was the only smartphone market reported by
comScore in which RIM still maintained the leading position.
Also notable is that the iOS platform (31.2 percent market
share) held a slight advantage over Android (27.8 percent).
Symbian (4.5 percent) and Microsoft (2.9 percent) rounded
out the top five platforms.

Japan’s smartphone market is heavily dominated by
the Android and iOS platforms, with the two combining for
94.1 percent of the smartphone market. Microsoft was the
only other platform with any notable slice of the market at
5.4 percent. While smartphone penetration still remains low
in this market, we should expect to see the numbers climb
substantially given continuing innovations
made to smartphone functionality and the wide availability of
these devices at more affordable price points.