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pop scie predicts 1970

From 1970 to 2012. Chat and Newspaper.

Back in 1970, Popular Science predicted a couple of things of interest to today. One is that we will have video chat. It took a while for Skype to bring this to the masses, but is part of everyday now. The other? Well I do get my paper in a digital format, just not in the way they predicted.

linked in add

LinkedIn Applications Replaced by New Rich Media Feature

I recieved this in the email inbox yesterday. On December 11, 2012, you’ll be getting the new LinkedIn profile, which has a simplified design, provides deeper insights, and surfaces new ways to connect and build relationships. You’ll also be one of the first to preview a new way to showcase rich content on your profile — like presentations, videos, documents,
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canada internet share

Canada Internet Market ‘Owned’ by Big Telcom [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that when it comes to the Internet, Canadians pay higher prices for worse services than most countries in the industrialized world. This is largely because a handful of Big Telecom companies control upwards of 94% of the Internet service market in Canada, meaning that Canadians don’t have much real choice. Big Telecom’s grip on Canadian communications needs
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infographic what-is-google-adwords

How Does the AdWords Auction Work? [Infographic]

infographic instagram

Business Marketers Guide to Instagram [Infographic]

infographic adwords

First Steps In Google Adwords [INFOGRAPHIC]

feature google school

Managing the Future with AdWords

Creating a large number of ads for a future campaign If you’re about to launch a new web page and want to create ads in advance to promote that new page, follow the steps below: Create a new web page that you want to point to. Use the robots.txt configuration to keep it out of the crawl index. This way
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feature google school

Generating Agency Business with Google AdWords

The skills and tools needed to manage AdWords accounts for others is showcased in this Google tutorial. Also a good run down on how to determine best approach for current or potential accounts.

feature google school

Optimizing AdWords Accounts

Making changes to clients’ accounts can be daunting. This Google AdWords tutorial shows you the best practices for key issues like account structure, campaign settings, keywords and ads.

feature bar chart

The Growing Face of Advertising on YouTube 2012

As YouTube’s global audience hit 800 million users in 2012, YouTube’s content inventory has kept pace and has grown to 160 channels of original programming. Google looked at audience reach and brand metrics across 448 campaigns in 6 countries (U.K., U.S., France, Germany, Japan, and Italy) over the last 12 months. This infographic captures the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising
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