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Sometimes the Best Response is None


Facebook is a place where you will have friends of many different political and religious and cultural stripes. If you choose to have a lot of friends, or few, no doubt you will encounter some who will espouse their views about subjects that are polarizing for you. A friend of mine posted this and thought it the best way to respond to those views. After all, people are just using Facebook to let the world know what they are passionate about.

Diversity makes the world go round. OK that and gravitational pull from the sun etc., but hey let people speak their minds. And if you don’t agree, just let it go. There are other things to worry about these days. Like what to stuff that bird with on whatever holiday your cooking it for this season.

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One Response to “Sometimes the Best Response is None”

  1. Kim Dunn says:

    People are free to believe what they want and if I come across a faith-based comment on my news feed I let it pass. But when people post hateful messages, denying others’ humanity (homosexuality, gay marriage, etc.) or proselytize, they are going to hear about it. In spades.